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8 Best AeroGarden Reviews & Buying Guide

8 Best AeroGarden Reviews & Buying Guide

Just because you don’t have a big chunk of land out there in the country, it doesn’t mean you can’t grow your own herbs and veggies. If you are an urban dweller with a green thumb, an AeroGarden harvest could be the perfect solution for you.

It can also be a great solution for gardeners who have grown tired of dealing with pests and dirt. No matter what your wants and needs are, there’s an AeroGarden model out there that’s a perfect fit for your home.

To help you find it, we looked into all of the models available on the market. Here are our best aerogarden reviews.

An AeroGarden is a hydroponic system is an indoor garden for herbs and vegetables. To grow and sustain plants, an AeroGarden uses water instead of soil. Its unique design allows you to avoid common gardening issues, and plants grow up to 5 times quicker than in a backyard garden.

AeroGarden 903100-1200 Black Ultra LED, 1 Kit

AeroGarden Ultra 903100

AeroGarden 903100-1200 Black Ultra LED, 1 Kit

Light: 20W full spectrum LED
Dimensions: 17.25″ x 11.25″ x 15″ – 34″
Pod space: 7



Easy to use control panel
Grows up to 7 plants
Easy setup



Some plastic components seem flimsy

This electronic hydroponic setup works like magic. It offers you a mess-free way to grow a small garden with a great aerogarden harvest.

Place it on your kitchen countertop, follow its simple directions, and soon you’ll have a constant supply of herbs and veggies. The Ultra allows you to grow vegetables, herbs, and salad greens year-round.

The alert system will remind you when to add nutrients or water. You can use the AeroGarden Ultra to grow up to 7 plants at a time. It is a soilless system, so you won’t have to worry about insects and other pests messing up your garden.

The Ultra is a great solution if you want to protect your plants from outdoor elements. The interactive control panel is easy to navigate. The 30W LED lights are automatically controlled by the system.

The LED lighting top does add to the price, but it is energy-efficient, so you will be able to recuperate part of the cost through lower energy bills. The specific spectrum of the LED lights allows the plants to maximize photosynthesis and grow faster.

AeroGarden Classic 6 with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit

AeroGarden Classic 6

AeroGarden Classic 6 with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit

Light: 20W full spectrum LED
Dimensions: 17.25″ x 11.25″ x 15″ – 34″
Pod space: 6

If you want to grow a little bit of everything, the AeroGarden Classic 6 may be the best solution for you. It allows you to easily grow 6 plants a time. You can combine different greens, veggies, and herbs.


Great value for money
Water window
Includes 6 seed pods
Easy to use
Easy to set up


The pump may be loud

The unit features a 12″ adjustable light hood and 20W full spectrum LED lights. It has an alert system that reminds you when to add nutrients and water. Hydroponic systems are easy to use on their own, but the push-button control panel makes things even easier.

The Classic 6 comes with 6 different pods. You can plant Thai basil, thyme, mint, dill, curly parsley, and Genovese basil as soon as you set up the AeroGarden. It also includes enough nutrients for a full season of plant growth.

The set up shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Once the unit is up and running, and the seed pods are in place, all that is left to do is select the appropriate program on the control panel for what you’re growing.

AeroGarden Bounty

AeroGarden Bounty

AeroGarden, Black Bounty, garden

Light: 45W full spectrum LED
Dimensions: 17.25″ x 11.25″ x 15″ – 34″
Pod space: 9


Touchscreen control panel
9 pod spots
Super-efficient lighting
Great for newbies
Quick setup


No water window

If you want to have a bountiful harvest all year round, you needn’t look further than the AeroGarden Bounty. This countertop grower will give your family a steady supply of salad greens and vegetables.

It allows you to grow up to 9 plants. Like other higher-end AeroGardens, the Aerogarden Bounty comes with an easy-to-use, interactive touch screen.

It’s easy to navigate and the instructions are clear. The model doesn’t require any previous gardening experience. This unit is an excellent choice for those who are new to indoor hydroponic systems.

To accommodate larger yields, the Aerogarden bounty includes a 24″ extendable arm. This allows for more planting variety and options. It is excellent for growing lettuce, strawberries, tomatoes, basil, and many other herbs and veggies. For instance, you can use it to grow Genovese basil to its full potential.

And, even though it can host 9 pads, it’s the same size as a 7-pod AeroGarden. You will be able to fit it in the same space.

To ensure that your herbs and veggies get all the necessary nutrients and water, this Aerogarden bounty model comes with a large water bowl. However, there is no water window.

AeroGarden Farm 24Plus (Classic Version), 24" Grow Height, Black

AeroGarden Farm Plus

AeroGarden Farm 24Plus (Classic Version), 24″ Grow Height, Black

Light: 60W dual mechanized LED
Dimensions: 36″ x 12″ x 34″
Pod space: 24


24 seed pod slots
Wi-Fi enabled
2 separate compartments
Easy to assemble
Minimal maintenance



The AeroGarden Farm Plus really takes indoor hydroponics to the next level. Its 20-gal tank allows you to grow a proper ecosystem of your own. It can hold 24 seed pods. This AeroGarden model delivers both quality and quantity.

The grow light extends to a maximum of 24″, allowing you to grow each plant to its fullest potential. Thanks to the two separate compartments, you can grow two entirely different gardens right next to each other.

For instance, you can use one garden to grow shorter plants, and the other for taller ones. The dual mechanism lighting can significantly accelerate the growth of your herbs and veggies. Like the Bounty Elite, you can control the unit and monitor the growth of your garden via the AeroGarden app.

Even though it’s larger than most other models, the Farm Plus still fits in limited space. The model is designed to connect with other Farm Plus units. If you want to create one huge indoor garden, you can put together one large Farm Plus rack by using a stacking kit.

AeroGarden Indoor Garden, Harvest 360, Sage

AeroGarden 360

AeroGarden Indoor Garden, Harvest 360, Sage

Light: 20W full spectrum LED grow light
Dimensions: 11″ x 8″ x 15″
Pod space: 6

The AeroGarden 360 is another member of the Harvest family. The 360 is almost the same as the Black Harvest. It can grow up to 6 plants at once and includes 6 different pods.


Can hold 6 plants
Includes 6 different seed pods
Easy to use push-button control panel
Easy to set up


Not for plants that grow taller than 12″

The only major difference lies in the aesthetics. If a round countertop garden is a better match for your home, the 360 is obviously the better choice. The 360 also has a bit more attractive price point than the Black Harvest.

AeroGarden Sprout LED - Black

AeroGarden Sprout LED

AeroGarden Sprout LED – Black

Light: 10W full spectrum LED
Dimensions: 5″ x 11″ x 10.5-15.5″
Pod space: 3

The Aerogarden Sprout is the smallest AeroGarden model. It allows you to grow three plants at the same time. It is an excellent choice if you have very limited space. Even though it has a very limited capacity, it can grow enough herbs, veggies, or salad greens for one person.


Small footprint
Easy to use
Full-spectrum LED lights
Includes Gourmet herb seed kit


Can’t hold more than 3 pods

This hydroponic garden is designed to be simple and straightforward. It doesn’t come with many advanced features, but it is still very easy to use. Simply place the seed pots into the slots, add water and nutrients, and select the right setting for your plants.

When your plants become hungry or run out of water, the display will light up. The system will automatically handle the LED lights, so you won’t have to babysit the unit. Since the Aerogarden Sprout is a small unit, there isn’t much room for plants to spread out, so it doesn’t offer much variety.

AeroGarden 7 LED Indoor Garden with Gourmet Herb Seed Kit

AeroGarden Classic 7

AeroGarden 7 LED Indoor Garden with Gourmet Herb Seed Kit

Light: 20W full spectrum LED grow lights
Dimensions: 18″ x 10″ x 15″ – 21″
Pod space: 7



Can hold 7 plants
Full-spectrum LED lights
Includes 7 different seed pods and a pack of nutrients
Easy to use
Easy to set up


The pump can be a bit loud

The AeroGarden Classic 7 is a great addition to any home. It shares many similar features with the Classic 6. But, as its name suggests, it can hold one plant more than it’s a smaller cousin. The unit includes a pretty straightforward control panel that automates some of the tasks.

It reminds you when to add nutrients and water, and it turns the lights on and off based on the selected program. The model comes with 7 different pods for seeds: cilantro, mint, Thai basil, dill, chives, curly parsley, and Genovese basil. It also includes enough feed for a full season of growth.

The Classic 7 doesn’t come with many high-end features, but it has everything you need to grow a healthy garden indoors. However, just like with the Classic 6, the water pump can be a bit noisy at times.

Best AeroGarden Buying Guide

AeroGarden Components

Seed Pods
Each model is designed to be used with a seed pod kit. A seed pod kit contains the seeds of the plant you want to grow.

To help the seed germinate, each seed pod is designed to pull in moisture. There is a wide variety of seed pod kits out there, so you won’t have a hard time finding one for the particular herbs, flowers, or veggies you want to grow.

Water Pump
To prevent the growth of harmful organisms, such as algae, each model comes with a water pump. Naturally, it also waters the seeds by automatically circulating water over them.

Some water pumps are quieter than others, so this is something to consider if you want to keep your AeroGarden in the same room where you like to unwind.

Alert System
Higher-end AeroGarden units come with an alarm system that notifies you when it’s time to refill the tank or add necessary nutrients.

Grow Lights
The ability to simulate the right, natural conditions needed for the plant to grow is perhaps the best thing about AeroGardens. Each model comes with grow lights that enable the plant to perform photosynthesis.

Thanks to LED lighting grow light systems, your AeroGarden won’t have to rely on sunlight to help the plants grow. So, if you don’t plan on keeping your AeroGarden near a window or in a sunny corner of your light, make sure it has a powerful enough LED lighting system.

If you want to maximize photosynthesis for your plants, go with LED lights that have a higher Watt rating.

Plant Food
You will need to get plant food for your Aerogarden plant food. Although you can use traditional plant food, it is best to use the liquid plant food sold by AeroGarden.

Plants You Can Grow in an AeroGarden

While there are 150 different AeroGardenpods for seeds on the market, some are a better choice than others. The following plants and seed pod kits can really thrive in a hydroponic system:


  • Chili Peppers
  • Green Beans
  • Salad
  • Tomatoes (Ruby Heirloom, Cherry, Mega Cherry)


  • International Herb
  • South of the Border herbs
  • Pesto basil
  • Tuscan Italian herbs
  • Curly parsley
  • Gourmet herbs


  • Incredible edibles
  • Mountain meadow
  • English cottage
  • Scented blooms
  • Cascading blooms
  • Lavender

Other Considerations

If you let it, your new hydroponic system can take up a lot of counter space. The biggest AeroGarden models are almost a foot-and-a-half wide and nearly a foot deep. Moreover, they require 2 feet of clearance above.

Be sure to consider the dimensions of the AeroGarden unit you want to buy before you order it. This especially goes if you plan on getting more than one unit.

How Big Is Your Family?
A smaller model such as the AeroGarden Sprout should be big enough if you want to grow a garden for yourself only. You won’t get much variety since the smallest units are only three pods’ worth, but it is a great solution if you are tight on space.

However, you would want to spring out for a larger unit such as the Farm XL if you’re hoping to grow enough veggies for the whole family. You’ll have enough lettuce for a salad almost every night of the week.

If you want to grow different veggies and fresh herbs, go for a model that can hold nine pods. Of course, you always have the option to buy two separate models, one for fresh herbs and one for vegetables, but that will put a bigger dent in your wallet.

How to Use an AeroGarden

AeroGardens are very exciting, but they can be quite overwhelming for newbies. There are a few things you should know about using your new wonder garden:

Feed your plants when the light blinks. Press the button when you are done feeding or watering your plants. The next time your plants require your attention, the light will start blinking again.

If you want to grow fresh herbs in your garden, do know that it will take 30 to 40 days for the herbs to become fully grown. You can harvest them continuously for up to 5 months.

It takes just 28 to 35 grow salad greens. When it comes to other edible veggies, it takes 10 to 14 weeks.

You can harvest them continuously for 6 months. This may appear long, but if you were to plant tomato seeds in your backyard garden, you would have to wait for more than 6 months for them to be fully grown.

It can take up to 14 days for the seeds to sprout, depending on the plant. If you want to grow veggies in your hydroponic garden, it is best to start with peppers and tomatoes.

Consider how much growing space your AeroGraden has when choosing plants. For instance, if your model has 12” of growing space, you won’t be able to grow kale. Moreover, if you want to grow veggies that need space to root and grow (like potatoes and carrots), you won’t be able to do it with an Aerogarden.