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The Energy Seal attic ladder includes insulation within the structure of the door, and a built-in jamb and weatherstripping around the inside of the frame, which creates a tight seal and greatly reduces the amount of air that flows between your attic and your living space.
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WERNER Aluminum Attic Ladder

Attic Ladder

FAKRO Insulated Attic Ladder

Attic Ladder

FAKRO LST Insulated Steel Scissor Attic Ladder

Attic Ladder

Louisville Wooden Attic Ladder

Attic Ladder

Louisville Ladder Elite Aluminum Attic Ladder

Attic Ladder

Best Attic Ladder Reviews

Attic ladders come in an array of materials, such as wood, aluminum, and steel. Wood ladders have the obvious aesthetic appeal but may not be as hardwearing as steel or aluminum attic ladders. Aluminum ladders are notoriously lightweight and could be the best option if your attic ladder is not permanently affixed.

In addition to the fixed type, attic ladders can come in the popular extendable telescopic style, extendable scissor-type, tri-folding section, sliding section, or multi-purpose folding styles. Heights can range from around 8 to 16 feet, and weight load capacity is usually about 200 to 300 pounds, with some heavier-duty ladders holding up to 375 pounds. 

WERNER Aluminum Attic Ladder

If you are looking for a lightweight attic ladder then this is the best option for you. Werner comes with an awesome lightweight attic ladder. The ladder is made of strong aluminum.

The ladder is only 15.5 pounds. Carrying the ladder is an easy task now. The telescoping design of the ladder ensures fast and easy access to the small attic opening. Opening and closing the ladder is also easy and smooth.

This ladder is appropriate for the ceiling height of 7 feet to 9 feet 10 inches. As it is a lightweight ladder it cannot carry much weight like the other described ladders. Even after that, it can hold up to 250 pounds.

Without these are also some advantageous features you will find in this ladder. So don’t waste more time in searching other attic ladders.

FAKRO Insulated Attic Ladder

Get introduced with another attic ladder by Fakro. This ladder is made of strong and durable wood. This attic ladder comes with a stylish look and the color of the ladder is brown.

You can adjust this ladder into rough openings measuring of 22 x 54 inches. It is fit with the ceiling height of 7 feet 10 inches and 10 feet 1 inch. This installation system of the ladder is also simple.

The ladder contains some cool features. The hatch’s unique opening mechanism is the features which allow the ladder to open slowly. The steps of the ladder are grooved. So there is no risk of slipping.

Thinking about safety there is an option for installing a handrail. This ladder has a load capacity of 300 pounds. So get this superb attic ladder and create extra spaces in your house.

FAKRO LST Insulated Steel Scissor Attic Ladder

Here comes another stylish and modern attic ladder from Fakro. This attic ladder is appropriate for the height of the ceiling 7 feet 2 inch to 9 feet 6 inch. This one of the best loft ladders has some cool features.

There is an S-shape string. It can be used as a handrail. Besides the ladder looks modern and stylish because of it. Install system of the ladder is also really easy. There is a smooth folding system. It allows the ladder to be assembled in smaller openings.

Happy to know that this home depot attic ladder can carry up to 300 pounds. Don’t worry about the durability. It is a long-lasting and sturdy attic ladder. The weight of the ladder is 78 pounds and it is made of wood.

The ladder comes with grey color. For the protection against heat loss, there is thick rubber gasket insulation between the boards. You will also get 2 years limited warranty. So, surely it is a satisfying one for you.

Louisville Wooden Attic Ladder

Some prefer wooden ladder than an aluminum ladder. Louisville comes with another option for the wooden ladder lovers. This attic ladder louisville is made of wood and you can maximize the storage using this ladder.

There are lots of advantages of this ladder. This is a strong attic ladder with grooved steps. So one can easily move up and down using this ladder. It is a great alternative of a staircase.

High-quality wood is used to craft this ladder. It is strong enough to carry up to 250 pounds. One heavy person can safely climb this ladder. The weight of the ladder is 57 pounds. It doesn’t take a big time to install this ladder. Besides, you will get proper instructions about installation.

Don’t worry about the safety level, the ladder is compliant with ANSI and OSHA standards. So overall this ladder must be a secure and strong option for you.

Louisville Ladder Elite Aluminum Attic Ladder

If you are searching for an attic ladder then Louisville comes with an awesome and well-featured attic ladder. This ladder gives extra storage space. It utilizes a gas cylinder which is one of the most advantageous features.

The gas cylinders help to open or close the door flexibly. Besides they also prevent destructive door slamming. This attic ladder is 49 pounds.

There is also sleep resistant technology available in this ladder. Besides, it is ready to use ladder. No installation is required. Load capacity of the ladder is also superb. It can carry 375 pounds.

Adjustable legs is another cool feature of this ladder. The ladder is adjustable to any kinds of floor. The ladder is made with aluminum.

It can save your money of building stairways. And finally, it a highly durable ladder. So this ladder is undoubtedly a good option for everyone.

Buying Guide

I have described details, pros and cons about 5 high-class attic ladder. You can easily select any of them. But you don’t need to stay stop inside them. Besides, you should also learn to choose a ladder.

In this part, I will give you some necessary tips. If you know them you can easily able to get the appropriate ladder for you. So keep reading it.

Height of the ceiling: The first thing you have to maintain is the height. Different attic ladder is made for different heights. So before buying you have measured the height of your room. Then you have to understand if the ladder is fit for your room or not. Most of the ladder I have described is around 7 to 10 feet.

Material: Attic ladder generally comes with 2 materials. Some people prefer aluminum and some people think wood is better. So it is up to you to select. A wooden ladder is a bit heavier than aluminum. Again wooden ladder is able to carry a good load.

Lightweight or Heavy: According to your needs there you will find lightweight and heavy attic ladders. If you are using it to one place for a long time then a heavy ladder is appropriate. If you need to move it then a lightweight ladder is good. But I suggest you get a heavy one.

Safety: Safety is an important thing everyone should ensure. An attic ladder can be more secure having some safety feature.

Some attic ladder has the option of setting up a handrail. We generally climb 9-10 feet with an attic ladder. So a handrail is obviously a safety feature.

Slip-resistant steps or grooved steps are also important. It assures safety while climbing. Change if getting slipping decreased. So when you are buying must be careful about this factor.

I think if you are very worried about safety level then you should buy a ladder having safety standards like ANSI or OHSA. All the ladder I have suggested are surely secure and safe.

Installation: This is a big factor of an attic ladder. Attic ladders are the ladder that requires home installation. It is rare that you will find a 100% ready to use attic ladder. So when you are buying a ladder make sure there are proper instructions about installation.

Sometimes one person is not able to set up a ladder perfectly. I think you should take help while setting up. The ladder I have recommended are also easily installable.

Others: There are also some other factors about an attic ladder. While you are buying you should look after the price. Besides how comfort you are with the ladder is another issue. If you feel bad to climb then you should look another ladder. The design is also another fact.

If the ladder looks so ordinary then you won’t feel good with the ladder. Durability is another subject. You must have to ensure that the ladder is well-durable.

So if you are aware of these facts, surely you will get the best ladder for yourself.