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A company like Lippert is dedicated to making its customers’ experiences better. They produce and provide highly engineered components with an emphasis on innovation and quality for a variety of industries, including the RV industry, the marine industry, the automotive industry, and more.

Lippert Manufacturing Capabilities

Lippert is a multinational firm with 66 facilities in the United States and additional locations in Canada, Mexico, Africa, Europe, and Asia. Lippert also has a significant presence in other regions. They are able to deliver effective manufacturing capabilities and serve customers all over the world because to their extensive presence.

In order to promote continual improvement and maintain their leadership positions in their respective industries, Lippert’s strategy places a high priority on innovation. By making an investment in innovation, Lippert hopes to create cutting-edge products, services, and technology that satisfy their customers’ changing needs.

Sustainability in the environment and the welfare of the community are equally important to Lippert. To lessen the environmental impact of their production operations, they give priority to resource selection that is conscious and constantly look for ways to optimise procedures. Lippert works to reduce waste, energy use, and emissions while upholding the security and wellbeing of their communities by introducing sustainable practises.

Overall, Lippert’s presence across the globe, emphasis on innovation, dedication to environmental sustainability, and sense of civic responsibility enhance their manufacturing skills.

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Lippert Power Tongue Jack Electric Trailer A-Frame

Lippert Power Tongue Jack Electric Trailer A-Frame

The Lippert Power Tongue Jack raises the bar for efficiency and convenience when it comes to raising and lowering your trailer. This electronic trailer jack, which was created to take the role of conventional sidewinder jacks, comes with a number of features and advantages that will completely change the way you tow.

The Power Tongue Jack comes with every piece of required hardware and pins, making installation a breeze. With quick and easy installation, there won’t be any delays in your ability to lower and elevate your equipment.

Put an end to manually cranking your jack. You may quickly and easily raise or lower your a-frame trailer with the simple push of a button, all without breaking a sweat. No more wasting time or making physical effort. The Power Tongue Jack speeds up the procedure so you can concentrate on what really matters—enjoying your journey.

With the built-in lighting feature, using your jack at night is worry-free. The ball and coupler are illuminated by four strategically positioned LED lights, ensuring good vision even in dim lighting. No more stumbling around in the dark or utilising extra lighting. At every time of day, the Power Tongue Jack guarantees safe and hassle-free operation.

This jack, designed for heavy lifting, has an astonishing 3,500 lb capacity. lifting power. It is made to complete tough jobs quickly and silently since it has helical-cut gears, 30 AMPs of power, and a 12V motor. The Power Tongue Jack consistently provides exceptional performance, whether you need to lift large loads or make sure everything runs smoothly and under control.

At the heart of the Power Tongue Jack’s design is durability. This jack is constructed to resist the demands of daily use and is made of heavy-gauge alloy steel. Its rough casing guards against chips and cracks, and the black powder-coat finish offers an additional layer of weatherproofing. This jack will work flawlessly every day, no matter the circumstances, because it was built to last and be dependable.

Your towing experience will be made simpler and better with the Lippert Power Tongue Jack. It establishes a new benchmark for trailer jacks thanks to its quick installation, efficient operation, integrated illumination, strong engineering and robust construction.

Thin Shade™ Ready for Prepped Lippert™ Entry Doors

Thin Shade™ Ready for Prepped Lippert™ Entry Doors

With its innovative Thin Shade, Lippert is changing how RVers manage privacy and sunlight. This pleated window shade provides a stylish and appealing way to improve your RV experience and is designed to smoothly integrate into Lippert prepared entry doors.

Lippert is dedicated to offering RVers a superior shade option and has prepared over 100,000 RV entry doors for Thin Shade installation. The Thin Shade is built right into the window frame of the entry door, unlike conventional shades that must be mounted separately and stored when not in use. This reduces the need for additional storage space while also giving the appearance of being seamless.

The Thin Shade’s ability to prevent sunlight from penetrating your RV’s interior is one of its main benefits. It aids in maintaining a cosy and constant interior temperature by controlling the quantity of sunlight that enters your home. No more travelling under conditions of extreme heat or glare.

With the simple retract and extend mechanism of the Thin Shade, privacy is only a pull away. You may instantly create a private space inside your RV by simply lowering the shade handle. The Thin Shade is a hassle-free alternative to other sun-blocking items on the market that need snaps or Velcro to keep them in place. Bid adieu to unsightly attachments and time-consuming setup procedures.

Since Lippert created the Thin Shade exclusively for Thin Shade ready RV entry doors, installation is simple and quick. You can save time and labour by not having to replace the complete entry door window. Please be aware that non-prepped or non-Lippert RV entry doors cannot be used with the Thin Shade.

Thin Shade is proudly produced in the USA and is made with quality in mind. Due to its sturdy design, it will continue to provide dependable sun protection for many years to come. Enjoy the advantages of immediate privacy and temperature regulation without the headache of tangled or knotted cords.

Solera Slide Topper Slide-Out Protection for RVs, Travel Trailers, 5th Wheels, and Motorhomes

Solera Slide Topper Slide-Out Protection for RVs, Travel Trailers, 5th Wheels, and Motorhomes

Solera Slide Toppers provide automatic and hassle-free operation and are compatible with top slide-out brands available on the market. The Slide Topper awning moves in lockstep with your slide-out to automatically provide protection whenever it expands or retracts. The chore of manually covering and revealing your slide-out is over.

The Slide Topper is made of robust 13.5 oz. vinyl and is designed to resist a variety of weather situations. Its heat-welded seams ensure that it won’t leak, keeping water from getting inside your RV. This tough awning won’t break or decay over the harsh winter months because to its exceptional ability to endure temperatures as low as -25 degrees Fahrenheit.

The widths of Solera Slide Toppers range from 66″ to 192″ broad and 48″ deep, and they are available in two colour options: white or black. This guarantees a precise fit for the slide-out on your RV and permits full fabric coverage of the slide-out box. Start your measurement by taking the distance between the outer edges of each slide-out flanges, then order the correct Slide Topper size. Remember that the fabric will be 5″ shorter than the whole width of the awning.

The Slide Topper is simple to install, and you may do it yourself. The slide-out topper roll, brackets, hardware, and railing are all included in the kit, along with everything else you need for a hassle-free installation. You have more control over the installation procedure since you can position the Slide Topper up to 5″ above your slide box trim.

In addition to offering trustworthy defence, Solera Slide Toppers provide a fashionable and cost-effective way to shield your slide-out from expensive harm. Their modern style harmonises with the aesthetics of your RV, ensuring that practicality doesn’t detract from the appearance as a whole.

Stop letting water, dirt, and debris harm your RV’s slide-out. Enjoy the comfort, toughness, and style that Solera Slide Toppers will add to your RVing excursions by upgrading. RV owners looking for improved slide-out protection should choose Solera Slide Toppers because of their simple installation, variety of sizing options, and proven longevity.

Lippert 191023 JT's Strong Arm Fifth-Wheel Jack Stabilizer Kit

Lippert 191023 JT's Strong Arm Fifth-Wheel Jack Stabilizer Kit

It’s time to think about the JT’s Strong Arm Jack Stabiliser Kit from Lippert if you’re sick of your RV rocking and swaying, making you feel uneasy. This cutting-edge system is made to stop unwelcome chassis movement in your fifth wheel RV or travel trailer, giving you a secure and satisfying camping experience.

JT’s Strong Arm Jack Stabiliser Kit leverages the strength of triangles to produce a sturdy and rigid framework, drawing inspiration from racing car chassis engineering. Side-to-side and front-to-rear movement are efficiently stopped by attaching one end of each stabiliser tube to the landing gear leg and the other end to the RV’s frame. The triangular shape is renowned for its stability and force resistance, which makes it the perfect option for reducing unwelcome RV motion.

No welding is necessary for the JT’s Strong Arm Jack Stabiliser Kit’s quick and simple installation. The system offers a one-time installation option and is simply fastened onto the landing gear and frame of your RV. The Standard 5th Wheel Kit, Short 5th Wheel Kit, and Travel Trailer Kit are the three possible configurations, and they all guarantee compatibility with the majority of common RV jack assemblies, such as scissor, front landing gear, and telescopic jacks.

Three outer tubes, three inner tubes, and all the mounting gear required for a do-it-yourself installation are included in the set. Once mounted, the stabiliser bars at the front and rear jacks create triangles that effectively stop shaking and swaying. You may have a more secure and comfortable camping experience with JT’s Strong Arm Jack Stabiliser Kit, free from the bother and pain of chassis movement.

Lippert is dedicated to offering top-quality RV, towing, and marine products to improve your leisure activities. Their wide assortment of items is created to expand the options and enhance your outdoor excursions, whether you’re on land or in the water. You can rely on the excellence and dependability of Lippert’s products when you use JT’s Strong Arm Jack Stabiliser Kit, ensuring years of pleasurable and sturdy RV camping.

Lippert Components High Speed Power Stabilizer Jack Kit with Black Waterproof Switch Kit

Lippert Components High Speed Power Stabilizer Jack Kit with Black Waterproof Switch Kit

With Lippert Components’ PSX1 High-Speed Power Stabiliser Jack Kit, hassle is a thing of the past. With the simple flip of a switch, you can eliminate wobble and stabilise your car thanks to this strong and effective stabilisation system.

The PSX1 High-Speed Power Stabiliser Jack Kit is a revolution in simplicity and usability. No more wasting precious camping time manually cranking jacks. With this kit, you can quickly and easily stabilise your RV or trailer, freeing you up to concentrate on having the best possible time while you’re camping.

The PSX1’s tough adaptability is one of its distinguishing qualities. This stabiliser system’s auto-adjustment to uneven and difficult terrain is one of its key features. Using independent mechanisms, each leg adjusts to the surface until it is firmly in place. Uneven terrain won’t prevent you from setting up a solid and level campsite any more.

The PSX1 is made with heavy-gauge steel, has powder-coat finish, embossed legs, and is built to last. The power stabilizer’s robust design guarantees that it will be able to weather the elements and operate effectively day in and day out, giving you dependable stabilisation for your RV or trailer.

The PSX1 has also been thoughtfully innovated by Lippert Components. By tripping the breaker if the circuit overloads during the lifting operation, the integrated breaker technology safeguards your RV. This function helps to minimise side-to-side movement while extending and retracting the stabilisers in addition to protecting against damage.

The PSX1 High-Speed Power Stabiliser Jack Kit is made to work with the majority of RVs and trailers now available on the market, providing adaptability and simplicity for a variety of camping settings. You may easily modify the stabilisers to meet your unique needs thanks to legs that can extend up to 30 inches.

The PSX1 has a waterproof switch, a harness, and a reset breaker in addition to its amazing features, which offer simplicity and functionality. Installation is made simple by the inclusion of all necessary mounting hardware in the kit.

You will have more peace of mind on the road knowing that Lippert Components stands behind the quality of their goods and provides a dependable one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

With the Lippert Components PSX1 High-Speed Power Stabiliser Jack Kit, you may improve your camping experience and do away with the crank. While making sure that you and your family have a stable and comfortable camping environment, spend more time enjoying the great outdoors and less time setting up.

Lippert Flow Max 12V RV Water Pump, 3.0 GPM, 50 PSI, 9.5 Max Amp, Self-Priming, Screen Filter Included

Lippert Flow Max 12V RV Water Pump, 3.0 GPM, 50 PSI, 9.5 Max Amp, Self-Priming, Screen Filter Included

The Lippert Flow Max 12V RV Water Pump is the best option for giving your RV a constant flow of water. This water pump guarantees that you have a steady supply of water for all of your camping needs thanks to its high pressure performance and dependable operation.

The Flow Max water pump’s superior pressure capabilities are one of its main benefits. This pump provides a strong and steady water flow with an astonishing flow rate of over 3.0 gallons per minute and an average pressure of 50 PSI, enabling you to have a revitalising shower or quickly fill up your water tanks.

Another feature of the Flow Max water pump is its durability. This pump is made to survive the rigours of RV travel and challenging outdoor environments thanks to a powerful, corrosion-resistant motor. It is designed to deliver enduring performance, so you can count on it for many future camping excursions.

Depending on your unique requirements, you can pick between a 12V or 115V option for the Flow Max water pump’s setup. This adaptability guarantees compatibility with different RV configurations and power sources, bringing convenience and simplicity of use.

A screen filter is included with the Flow Max water pump to ensure the quality of your water supply. Your water is kept pure and free from toxins thanks to this filter’s excellent blocking of debris entry into the pump. You may have peace of mind knowing that your water system is properly maintained and functioning thanks to this additional safeguard.

The Flow Max water pump is also made to operate without water without suffering any harm. When the water supply is temporarily interrupted or the pump is unintentionally left running, this feature is quite helpful. You can depend on the Flow Max pump for worry-free operation because to its self-priming capabilities and resistance to damage.

A dependable and effective option for your RV water system is the Lippert Flow Max 12V RV Water Pump. This water pump guarantees a consistent and clean water supply for all of your camping excursions thanks to its superior pressure performance, sturdy construction, compatibility options, and built-in protection against debris.

You can depend on Lippert Components, a respected supplier recognised for its dedication to quality and innovation, to give you dependable RV components. Enjoy the comfort and security the Flow Max water pump adds to your camping experience by upgrading your RV’s water system.


Lippert Components - 791574 Solid Step Quad Step for RV and Travel Trailer Entry Doorway 26-inch

Lippert Components - 791574 Solid Step Quad Step for RV and Travel Trailer Entry Doorway 26-inch

Look no further than the Lippert Components Solid Step Quad Step. Engineered to provide safety, convenience, and simplicity, this solid step is the perfect upgrade for your RV before your next big adventure.

With the Solid Step, there’s no more struggling with unfolding manual steps or worrying about wobbly and unstable footing. This innovative step system ensures that you can confidently enter and exit your RV without any concerns. Say goodbye to the hassles and hello to peace of mind.

One of the standout features of the Solid Step is its adaptability to various terrains. Whether your RV is parked on pavement or on uneven ground in the wilderness, the leg extensions of the Solid Step can be adjusted individually to accommodate any surface. This means that no matter where your journey takes you, you’ll always have secure and stable steps to rely on.

Additionally, the Solid Step is designed with recessed feet at the bottom, which not only help to prevent tripping hazards but also provide maximum clearance for your camping spot. You can rest assured that your steps will be secure and well-positioned, allowing for a hassle-free camping experience.

When it’s time to hit the road again, the Solid Step makes packing up a breeze. With its easy folding mechanism, you can conveniently fold the steps right up into your entry doorway. They securely lock into place, ensuring that they won’t take up unnecessary space during travel. When you’re ready to use them again, simply unfold and lock them into position.

Constructed with black steel and featuring an aluminum tread, the Solid Step combines durability and aesthetics. It’s built to withstand the rigors of RV life and maintain its functionality for years to come. You can rely on Lippert Components, a trusted manufacturer in the RV industry, to deliver a high-quality and reliable product.

Upgrade your RV entryway with the Lippert Components Solid Step Quad Step. Say goodbye to unstable and cumbersome steps and embrace the convenience and safety that this solid step offers. With its adaptability, ease of use, and durable construction, the Solid Step is the perfect companion for your RV adventures.

Choose Lippert Components for peace of mind and a more enjoyable camping experience. Invest in the Solid Step and make your RV entryway safer and more convenient. Your next adventure awaits!

Lippert Components 859794 Screen Defender RV Entry Door Aluminum Screen Protector, 30-inch

The Lippert Components Screen Defender is an essential part for your entry door if you have pets and travel in an RV. Your furry buddies will benefit from additional safety from this sturdy and simple-to-install aluminium screen protector, which also helps preserve your RV from any harm they might cause. The Screen Defender is a useful and inexpensive enhancement for your RV thanks to its chic style and ideal fit.

The Lippert entrance door frame’s sturdy materials were used to build the Screen Defender, which delivers remarkable durability. Your pets will stay safely inside your RV while being prevented from clawing or breaking through the screen door thanks to its durability against pet activity wear and tear. You may enjoy your camping trip without worrying about your pets escaping or causing any damage thanks to this safety barrier.

The black, powder-coated aluminium screen for your RV’s entry door not only offers outstanding security but also a dash of elegance. It perfectly matches any Lippert entry door, increasing your RV’s overall appeal. You can combine practicality and aesthetics in one product with the Screen Defender.

The Screen Defender is simple and easy to install. It doesn’t require any more hardware or materials because it fits into the screen door’s existing channels. Measure the inside borders of your entryway doorframe and round up to the nearest even number to guarantee a precise fit. This measurement determines the appropriate size of Screen Defender to buy and matches to the rough opening size of your RV door. Choose from 24″, 26″, 28″, or 30″ as your size.

The Screen Defender is only one of the many entry door products that Lippert Components offers. Lippert particularly created it to be compatible with motorised motorhomes, travel trailers, and fifth wheel RVs. By selecting Lippert, you can be sure that you’re getting a high-quality item that is specifically suited to your RV’s requirements.

View the range of entry door products and updates that Lippert Components has to offer. Lippert has everything you need to improve your RV experience, including shade protection, keyless lock systems, steps, movable patios, and more. Lippert is dedicated to offering top-notch RV, towing, and marine equipment that elevate your leisure activities whether you’re on land or in the water.

By making an investment in the Lippert Components Screen Defender, you can put your pets’ safety and the durability of your RV first. Thanks to this dependable and fashionable screen protector, you can go camping stress-free knowing that your dogs are safe inside your RV. Wherever your travel takes you, discover the difference Lippert products can make in your outdoor activities.