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7 Amazing Big Lots Items You Need To Buy

Big Lots is one of those stores that not many talk about, but is packed with treasures. I remember as a kid, it was called “Pic-N-Save”.

It used to be a store that you would be embarrassed to be seen in. It had super cheap products and just seemed to be the bottom of the barrel.

If you’ve never heard of Big Lots, it’s a closeout discount store that sells overstocked and sometimes discontinued items.

Big Lots not only had a name change, it’s gotten a whole brand and image makeover. Shopping at a Big Lots is no longer embarrassing. In fact, my girls and I love to go there to look around.

And I never walk out of the store without at least a handful of items.

Because I frequently shop at Big Lots, I thought I’d give you the inside scoop of the best items to buy.

Makeup At Big Lots

Did you know that they have name brand makeup at a really great price?

Their price on foundation is pretty much unbeatable. Just don’t expect that they will have more than a couple of shades to choose from.

That’s Why I Mentioned Earlier That It Is Full Of Treasures.
If you’re at the right place at the right time, you’ll find some awesome deals.

I’ve purchased Covergirl, Almay, and Rimmel London foundation and they were like $3.50-$4.50 a bottle. My favorite is the Rimmel London because I Iove the way it makes my skin look and feel.

I’ve also purchased NYX eyeliner, elf makeup products and brushes, and so many other makeup products that I’ve lost count.

Nail Polish And Nail Supplies

Between Big Lots and the Dollar Tree, I never have to go anywhere else to get nail polish. If you know me, you know I’m kind of obsessed with nail polish. While the Dollar Tree has decent nail polish, Big Lots carries higher brand names.

It Really Pays To Shop At Big Lots First.
Nail supplies like files, toe separators, cotton pads, nail polish remover, and even travel kits are pretty decent quality.

The quality can be compared to Target’s generic nail tools line.

This is probably the first section I go to once I enter the store. I’m always in a hurry to see the great deals they have.

One thing to note, they turnover their inventory constantly. Which means if you find something you like, don’t walk away and think you’ll find it tomorrow. Chances are you won’t.

I find myself stocking up on deals because I know that exact product probably won’t be on the shelf much longer. And most of the time, when you favorite nail polish brand and colors are gone, it doesn’t get restocked.

Big Lots Small Kitchen Appliances

Big Lots is by far the best place to get really good quality small kitchen appliances. In fact, most of the appliances I own came from Big Lots. They carry name brand appliances and even their off brand products are good quality.

small kitchen appliances cheaper at big lots
I bought a big food processor for $30, the Cuisinart brand is currently selling for over $139.00. While I know the Cuisinart brand is higher quality and probably chops better and faster, my $30 one does the job just fine.

Big Lots helps me stock my gift closet with slow cookers, food choppers, and other kitchen tools to give as wedding gifts!

small kitchen appliances cheaper at big lots
They are versatile and are an absolute lifesaver during the summer when you don’t want to cook.

Outdoor Furniture Deals At Big Lots

Did you know that Big Lots has a variety of outdoor furniture? The best part is that they’re always at rock bottom prices. They’re good quality and you can tell they’re durable enough to last and stand up to the weather.

outdoor furniture at big lots on sale
On this note, the Big Lots pillow collections are super affordable! You can just switch out pillows on your sofa to change up the aesthetic and change up the style of your living room or bedroom. And it only costs about $10-$15.


I was surprised by the selection of toys sold at Big Lots. I mean, I never thought of it as a go-to for toy shopping. It wasn’t until I was shopping a few years ago, when my daughter spotted the toy section.

We looked around and I was pretty impressed! They had name brand toys that are much more expensive at Target for at least 30%-40% cheaper.

toys on sale at big lots
They had toys for all ages and genders and things kids would actually want to play with. The toys didn’t look cheap and they made perfect birthday gifts for my daughter’s friends.

They also have some tween gift ideas like craft sets, bracelet sets, etc.

As with the appliances, I usually stock up on toys and other gift-able items here. They’re prices are for the most part unbeatable.

Christmas Gifts

Okay, let me make this really clear. Not everything at Big Lots will be suitable for a gift.

small gifts at big lots
But, for an office party, they have wonderful ideas for less than $15. One year for my office white elephant party, I bought a mini speaker for your Ipod of phone. People were literally stealing it left and right until it got locked.

It was the most popular gift that year. So much so that they all asked me where I got it so they can get one too.


I know I already talked about the appliances, but their cooking sets are really good as well. They have the Rachel Ray set, the Paula Dean set and other great sets to choose from.

The prices are much less than a place like Bed, Bath and Beyond (even with their 20% off discount) and they have a lot of variety.

kitchenware and pots and pans from big lots
Their kitchen tools are also sturdy and good quality. Love the variety of colors and styles.

Big Lots is such a great place to shop for bargains. But, the thing is, none of their items look like bargains. They have a high end look and a great price!

Ever since I started shopping there, I’ve become quite addicted. When my girls hear that we’re going to Big Lots, they bring all their money and get so excited to find awesome items.