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Vistaprint US Online Printing: Business Cards, Signage & More

You built a brand. Now show it off.

About VistaPrint

Any small business owner or self-employed person knows that the best way to spread the word about your service or brand is through networking.

VistaPrint is a company that helps you design custom marketing material for your online, in-store, or on-the-go business. The brand is best known for printing and delivering exceptionally made business cards but they also help with digital marketing, merchandise, and so much more.

You may have seen VistaPrint featured in media outlets such as TechRadar, Forbes, Business Insider, and Small Biz Daily. VistaPrint has gained over 129k followers on Instagram where they feature several small businesses that they have worked with.

This VistaPrint review will take a closer look at the brand and the different services it offers, hear from customer reviews, and ultimately help you decide if the brand is worth your money.

VistaPrint Business Cards Review

VistaPrint Business Cards Review

Are you wanting to take the next step with your passion project and start selling your service or creations? There is no better way of sharing the news and getting yourself out there than a stack of fresh business cards.

The VistaPrint Business Cards can be altered exactly how you like, offering different ways of encapsulating the essence of your business. Designs can be chosen from the site’s industry-themed templates or you can upload your own. If you want something unique but don’t know where to start, the brand also has a team of designers you can work with.

Choose between different shapes and finishes, such as rounded corners for a more modern effect, or embossed gloss and foil accents to make more of a bold statement.

If you’re a sensory person, you can play with the type of texture you want which includes soft touch, linen, pearl, ultra-thick, matte, glossy, or uncoated. Eco-conscious folks can create a stack of cards made from post-consumer recycled papers such as kraft, natural textured, or recycled matte.

Currently, the brand categorizes its business cards in 3 different sections. Depending on the features you want, the price will vary. As well, the more cards you order, the lower the unit price is.

VistaPrint Wedding Invitations Review

VistaPrint Wedding Invitations Review

Weddings are no joke. The amount of work that goes into each detail of your special day is phenomenal and can be exhausting. However, wedding planning can also be a fun endeavor if you play your cards right.

VistaPrint Wedding Invitations will take some stress off your back by helping you with all your wedding invites, save-the-dates, thank-you cards, menus, and more.

The brand has a variety of popular themes you can choose from, including rustic, floral, elegant, and destination. You can also go for a more traditional theme if that suits your style more. Once you have a theme, you can use it for all of your wedding stationery items.

If you want to share a special snapshot of the day with guests after the wedding, then you can get your photo placed on mugs or postcards as a reminder of that special day. This will surely put a smile on the faces of whoever attended the ceremony.

Vistaprint Custom Vinyl Banners Review

These days, everyone is a fan of small businesses and local community gatherings, but it’s a struggle for any of these things to stay afloat. So, if you’re in need of an effective yet inexpensive way to advertise, look no further than Vistaprint Custom Vinyl Banners.

These indoor/outdoor banners are lightweight but heavy duty, with their colored printing staying nice and vivid against the bleaching, fading light of the sun. The customization options are near-limitless, with plenty of templates and the option to upload your own design.

On top of that, you can pick the materials based on the environment you want to hang your banner in, whether or not you want reinforced edges, and the option to have grommets screwed to it to make the banners easy to hang.

With all these custom options, the pricing on the banners is also just as varied, but we’ve summed it up as best we could. Features like the reinforced edges, grommets or outdoor material will bump up the price a tad, but the biggest fact is the size and amount.

VistaPrint Custom Postcards Review

VistaPrint Custom Postcards Review

Jamaica or Cuba and send to friends back home anymore. Many brands use postcards to advertise their business, letting customers know about any promotions or deals. If you’ve ever received coupons or flyers in the mail from big franchises, then you’re already aware of this type of marketing.

The VistaPrint Custom Postcards come in various customizable design templates to help you market your company in the best way possible. These postcards can even be used for street marketing or direct mail campaigns — the possibilities are endless.

You can choose between 6 different sizes ranging from 4.2” x 5.5” up to 6” x 11”. The brand also offers a range of paper stock options, including glossy, matte, recycled, and uncoated.

VistaPrint Custom Mugs Review

VistaPrint Custom Mugs Review

A custom printed mug is the perfect personable gift for anyone in your life. Put a smile on your pal’s face by slapping on a funny photo or inside joke. If you’re looking for a more heartfelt effect for a parent or grandmother, you can add a nostalgic picture of the two of you.

The VistaPrint Custom Mugs allow you to upload your mobile photo or one of your Facebook photos to the cup and add any accompanying text to it. This 11 oz microwave-safe ceramic mug has a white exterior and a colored interior and handle. Choose between 8 different fun accent colors, including yellow, red, green, and blue.

You also don’t have to say farewell to much of your hard-earned money to buy this delightful little present either. The price changes depending on how many you buy, with one mug retailing for $16/unit and 200 for $13/unit.

This VistaPrint review suggests surprising a group of people with the same mug so you can get the most value. You might also be the creator of a new inside joke.

VistaPrint Custom Labels & Stickers Review

VistaPrint Custom Labels & Stickers Review

Have you ever been intrigued by the stickers you see pasted on people’s laptops? People of all ages can find enjoyment out of stickers. Plus, it can be a discreet way of promoting your business without being so obvious.

The VistaPrint Custom Labels & Stickers will help you brand everything you can think of. Every jar, box, and bag is an opportunity to share your logo and catch the eyes of others.

Whether you’re looking for business card stickers, mailing labels, name tags, or envelope seals, this brand has you covered. All VistaPrint stickers and labels are manufactured in Windsor, Canada which keeps their environmental impact low.

VistaPrint Custom Photo Books Review

VistaPrint Custom Photo Books Review

You may be thinking that with the rise of social media, the days of photo albums are long gone. We beg to differ.

VistaPrint Custom Photo Books allow you to store all of your special photographs in one place. Whether you want to commemorate a special event such as a wedding or keep all of your family photos together, you’ll be able to do so.

You can choose if you want a physical book or a computer copy. The design experts at VistaPrint will work with you to create the photo album of your dreams. If you choose the physical copy, the team will package, print, and bind your book so that it’s ready to become a timeless treasure.

Choose between seven different sizes and layout options and two paper stocks. You can order a 24-120 page VistaPrint Custom Photo Book starting at $14.

VistaPrint Blankets Review

VistaPrint Blankets Review

Snuggle up to your loved ones even if they can’t be with you in-person with a customized blanket. VistaPrint Blankets are made from a mix of soft fleece and polyester to keep you cozy.

You can either use a personal photo, a collage of photos, or design a pattern of your own to create a completely one-of-a-kind blanket. The durable, machine washable material is great for families with young children and pets.

This custom throw comes in two different sizes, 50” x 60” ($60) or 60” x 80” ($80).

Overview of VistaPrint

Before VistaPrint was VistaPrint, the company was called something else entirely. In 1995, Robert Keane founded the business in Paris called Bonne Impression, offering specialty paper and printing services for brochures, stationery, and business cards. 

Since the beginning, the brand has worked mostly with small businesses. In 1999, Bonne Impression switched to an online-based service and became what is now known as VistaPrint. Today, the business is based in the Netherlands and has a hybrid modality with 13 offices scattered globally. 

Now, this VistaPrint review will go over the brand’s key features before taking a look at specific products and services:


  • Wide selection of products and services
  • Personalized products 
  • Expert designers to help you create your products 
  • Multiple shipping options are available 
  • Pro Advantage program offers several perks and discounts
  • Guaranteed satisfaction or else your money back 
  • Working towards carbon neutrality by 2040

Whether you’re looking for custom business cards to start promoting your small business or you have an event coming up and need some invitations, VistaPrint can help you do it all. The brand even has designers on board to bring your dreams to reality. 

If you already have a design ready,  then you can easily get them printed on products or cards, delivered to your door. This VistaPrint review will showcase some of the brand’s most popular services and products.