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ZARA United States | New Collection Online

ZARA United States | New Collection Online

Trend-Setting Zara Outfits You'll Want to Copy ASAP and Zara Perfumes

ZARA men's vibrant leather eau de parfum 60 ML cologne

Zara Men’s Vibrant Leather Eau De Parfum

In 2018 Jerome Epinette launched the Vibrant Leather collection which received immense popularity. The reason behind the fame is its fragrance that resembles Creed’s Aventus. Though its performance does not resemble Armaf’s CDNIM, its sophisticated, elegant woody fragrance is very pleasing.

The perfume belongs to the Spring-Summer collection, which with its cheerful scent keeps you energetic and refreshed on bright sunny days. The perfume opens with a beautifully blended sweetly and crispy note of lemon and bergamot. It is followed by the luxurious and rich note of leather and bamboo which finally settles with a beautiful earthy smell of patchouli. Speaking honestly, this needs one try guys.

Zara Men’s

Zara Rich/Warm/Addictive Tobacco Eau De Toilette

Tobacco EDT is an original creation of Zara. Ever since it was created and released in 2016, it started wooing men around the world, with several good features. A spray of the perfume opens with the sweet note of honey and coconut, which when dries is taken over by the fresh note of tobacco accompanied by a woody blend of cedar and sandalwood. The last two forms the base.

The fragrance is a very classy and elegant collection of Zara, which is actually a little underrated. The sprays work in elevating the classy, chic masculinity of your personality. Filled with richness and warmth the perfume is a perfect fit for the events and occasions on the eve of autumn or winter.


Zara Man Gold Eau De Toilette

When the sweetness of praline and the zingy, warmth of cinnamon are blended with the exotic essence of cardamom, a sensuous, intoxicating, intense fragrance takes birth, enough to pull and please the crowd. Presenting to you Zara Man Gold EDT, inspired from Paco Rabbane Black XS.

The perfume is not a carbon copy. It is different. It has an incorporation of the citrusy essence of lemon (absent in the inspiration) that mellows down the over-sweetness of the other essence and intensifies the refreshing warmth to the limit of irresistibility. Please note, the projection stays for more than 5 hours.

5 best brands like Zara in the USA


H & M Hennes & Mauritz AB, stylised as H&M, is a Swedish multinational clothing retailer with headquarters in Stockholm and a global presence in 74 countries, with over 5000 outlets. The global clothing retailer specialises in fast-fashion for men, women, teenagers, and kids.

H&M is right behind Spain-based Inditex (parent company of Zara) in the list of the largest global clothing retailers. Founded by Erling Persson in 1947, the company is now being run by his son, Stefan Persson and Helena Helmersson. Zara is a bit more expensive than H&M. H&M has often collaborated with bigger names and has an atelier for customs.

Forever 21

Forever 21

Los Angeles, California-based fast fashion retailer Forever 21, stylized as FOREVER 21, is a giant American brand in the U.S.A. The company began with just a small 900 square feet store in Los Angeles’ Highland Park in 1984. The label has a total of 700 stores worldwide.

The label offers trendy and fashionable offerings with affordable pricing and offers accessories, beauty products, apparel, and home goods for men, women, and children. The collection is chic and has affiliated brands such as Kendall + Kylie for the offerings.

Forever 21 definitely has better and lower prices compared to Zara, however, the size range of the former is less inclusive than the latter. Forever 21 offers lingerie sections as well, while the latter is lacking in that department. Coming onto the quality, Zara clothes do justice to their prices, while Forever 21 is just like fast-fashion, and can last a season only.


Spanish label, Mango, was founded in Barcelona and is known for its women’s, kids’ and men’s apparel pieces as well as accessories line. The label has adopted a rapid fashion strategy without sacrificing product quality. The label owns over 2000 stores worldwide in 100 countries.

When it comes to pricing, Zara is less expensive than Mango because the former caters to youths and young average buyers, whilst Mango caters to the affluent and upper-middle classes while outfitting urbanites. Zara may have a piece or two of lower quality, but Mango is more focused on quality.

ASOS plc, stylized as Asos, is a British fashion and cosmetic retailer which is an online exclusive. Founded in London in 2000, the brand is now available for shipping in 196 countries worldwide, with an offering of 850 brands.

asos originally stood for as seen on screen, and sold products that were spotted on celebrities, in movies, premiers, and more. This gave the company some early recognition, but the meaning was quickly transformed, and it was now selling every type of product in sophisticated, trendy, and bossy silhouettes.

While Zara may provide a limited number of products, Asos, like any other online retailer, offers an enormous number of products in both high and low price ranges. Quality-wise, because the former’s products can be seen in physical stores as well, one can test their own products. Compared to this asos has a dominantly online presence. It has a clear return policy and can still be tested with some additional time.


American retailer Everlane is another giant in fast fashion, which is headquartered in San Francisco, California. The brand has a wide array of product selections in men’s, women’s, and kids sizes, as well as accessories line.

Founded by Michael Preysman and Jesse Farmer in 2010, the direct-to-consumer online and physical store retailer swiftly grew in rank due to its mission of selling apparel at transparent pricing.